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The Unseeing  Anna Mazzola - Isis

The Hiding Places Katherine Webb - Oakhill

Beyond The Truth  Anne Holt - Isis

Anne Boleyn  Alison Weir - Foxy Music

Iris Grace A B Johnson - Isis

Desparate Remedies Thomas Hardy - Nazos Chatterbox

Out of Practice Penny Parkes - Oakhill

Secrets Of Cavendon Barbara Taylor Bradford - ID Audio

Dead Joker Anne Holt - Isis

Offline Anne Holt - Isis

No Echo  Anne Holt - Isis

In Dust and Ashes Anne Holt - Isis

Beyond The Truth Anne Holt - Isis

Clarissa Samuel Richardson - Naxos  

Dancing Over The Hill Cathy Hopkins - ID Audio

The Girl With No Name Marina Chapman - Electric Breeze

The Dog Walker Lesley Thompson - Whitehouse Sound

A Laodicean Thomas Hardy - Naxos

Desperate Remedies Thomas Hardy - Naxos

Three Little Lies Laura Marshall - ID Audio

Something Evil Comes A J Cross - Isis

Don’t You Cry Mary Kubicha - ID Audio

The Death Chamber Lesley Thompson - Ladbroke Studios

The Dark Flood Rises Margaret Drabble - Isis

Won Audiofile Earphones Award


Dear Thief  Samantha Harvey - Heavy Ent.

The Dress Thief Natalie Meg Evans - Heavy Ent.

The Emperor’s Waltz  Philip Hensher - Heavy Ent.

A Pair of Blue Eyes  Thomas Hardy - Naxos

Elizabeth is Missing  Emma Healy - ID Audio

The Bone Clocks  David Mitchell - ID Audio

Cavendon Women  B T Bradford - ID Audio

I Can’t Begin To Tell You  Elizabeth Buchan - ID Audio

Happy Baby Happy Family  S Beeson - ID Audio

The Detective’s Secret  Lesley Thompson - ISIS

Thornfield Hall  Jane Stubbs - ISIS

The Wrong Girl  Laura Wilson - ISIS

The Night Falling  Katherine Webb - Oakhill

A Night on The Orient Express  Veronica Henry - Oakhill

A Different Class of Murder  L Thompson - Oakhill

The Salt Stained Book  Julia Jones - Tileyard

What You Left Behind  Sam Hays - Tileyard

Jakob’s Colours  L.Hawdon - Tileyard

The Case of the Stolen Sixpence  M Hitchens - Electric Beeeze        



Silas Marner  George Elliot -Naxos

Ammonites & Leaping Fish  Penelope Lively - Isis/Penguin

People in the Photo  Helene Gestern - Heavy Ent.

The Villa Rosanna Ley - Heavy Ent.

The Garden of the Evening Mists Tan Twang - Heavy Ent.

Short Stories  Jacky Kay - Heavy Ent.

The Long Weekend  Veronica Henry - Isis/Orion

The Honey Harlot  Christianna Brand - Mystery Press

Lady Unknown  Edna Healey - Mystery Press

Granny Grabbers  Charlotte Haptie - Hodder

Tell Me A Story  Renata Calvery - BBC Audio

Cavendon Hall  Barbara Taylor Bradford BBC Audio

The Darkening Hour  Penny Handcock - Simon&Schuster

Everyone Lies  AD Garrett - Curtis Brown

September Garden  Catherine Law - Isis

The Detective’s Daughter  L.Thompson - Isis

2007 – 2012 

Gillespie and I  Jane Harris - Faber

One Day David Nicholls - Random Hse

The Girl Who Fell From The Sky  Simon Mawer - Little Brown

The Hunger Trace  Edward Hogan - Simon&Shuster

Not Safe  Danuta Reah - Simon&Shuster

The Warmth of Your Heart  Marie De Hennezel - Rushforth

Living Doll  Natasha Walter - Rushforth

Mystic City Theo Lawrence - Rushforth

Eloise  Judy Finnegan - Chatterbox

A Field Full of Butterflies  Rosemary Penfold - Orion

The Man from Beijing  Henning Mankell - Orion

Kennedy’s Brain  Henning Mankell - Harvill Secker

Gone in Seconds  A J Cross - Harvill Secker

The Wicked Girls  Alex Marwood - Hachette

Beyond Black Hilary Mantel - Harper Collins

The Wide Sargasso Sea  Jean Rhys - Penguin Classics

Shirley  Charlotte Bronte - Penguin Classics

The Poet’s Wife  John Clare/Judith Allnatt - Doubleday

Up With The Larks Tessa Hainsworth - Isis

Seagulls In The Attic Tessa Hainsworth - Isis

The Lantern  Deborah Lawrenson - Harper Collins

Then  Julie Myerson - Johnathon Cape

The Other Hand  Chris Cleave - Penguin

Family Album  Penelope Lively - Penguin

How It All Began Penelope Lively - Fig Tree

Reconstruction  Mick Herron - Random House

Won Audiofile Earphones Award

Smoke and Whispers Mick Herron - Random House

Why We Die  Mick Herron - Random House

Down Cemetery Road  Mick Herron - Random House

Last Voice You Hear  Mick Herron - Random House

Hello Bunny Alice  Laura Wilson - Random House

 Won Audiofile Earphones Award

My Best Friend  Laura Wilson - Orion/Minotaur

A Little Death  Laura Wilson - Orion/Minotaur

A Thousand Lies  Laura Wilson - Orion/Minotaur

The Lover  Laura Wilson - Orion/Minotaur

Stratton’s War  Laura Wilson - Orion/Minotaur

Scapegallows   Carol Birch - Virago

Fly In The Ointment  Anne Fine -Black Swan

The Other Queen - Philippa Gregory - Simon&Shuster

Burning Bright  Helen Dunmore - Simon&Shuster

The Detective’s Daughter  Lesley Thompson - Simon&Shuster

French Kissing  Catherine Sanderson - Simon&Shuster

Petite Anglaise  Catherine Sanderson -  Audio-Go

The Picture Book Jo Baker - Portobello

Unfinished Portrait  Anthea Fraser -  Barnes and Noble

Shifting Sands  Anthea Fraser - Barnes and Noble

Thicker Than Water  Anthea Fraser - Barnes and Noble

A Question of Identity  Anthea Fraser - Barnes and Noble

Bilgewater  Jane Gardam - Abacus

A Crowning Mercy  Bernard Cornwell - Harper Collins

The Fallen Angels  Bernard Cornwell - Harper Collins

The Watsons and Sanditon  Jane Austen- Naxos Audio

Tess of the d’Urbervilles Thomas Hardy- Naxos Audio

Five Children And It  E.Nesbit - Naxos Audio

The Phoenix & The Carpet  E.Nesbit -  Naxos Audio

The Story of the Amulet E. Nesbit Naxos Audio

Our Island Story H.E Marshall - NBaxos Audio

How It All Began Penelope Lively - Isis

The Shadow Catcher  Michelle Paver - Isis

Fever Hill Michelle Pave - Isis

Serpent’s Tooth  Michelle Paver - Isis

Odd One Out  Lissa Evans - Penguin Books

The Red Haired Brat Joanna Dessau - Isis

Absolute Elizabeth Joanna Dessau - Isis

The Song House Trezza Azzopardi - Isis

The Lantern Deborah Lawrenson - Harper Collins

The Night Following  Morag Joss - Harper Collins

A Season of Leaves Catherine Law - Harper Collins

Crow Stone Jenni Mills - Harper Collins

The Song House Trezza Azzopardi - Harper Collins

Missing Susan Lewis - Harper Collins

Lost Innocence  Susan Lewis - Harper Collins

Silent Truths Susan Lewis - Harper Collins

Intimate Strangers Susan Lewis - Harper Collins

The Hornbeam Tree Susan Lewis - Harper Collins

Out of The Shadows Susan Lewis - Harper Collins

The Bright Day is Done  Judith Saxton - Harper Collins

The Love Gift  Judith Saxton - Harper Collins

Sir Walter’s Lady  Judith Saxton - Harper Collins

Altered Land  Jules Hardy - Harper Collins

The Verdict on Winter Eileen Dewhurst - Harper Collins

Still Voices Maria Barrett - Harper Collins

Better Strangers Delia Ellis - Harper Collins

To Be A Fine Lady Delia Ellis - Harper Collins

To Dream of Snow Rosalind Laker - Harper Collins

Zanzibar Flutes Sue Willis - Harper Collins

Beautiful Dreamer Ann May - Harper Collins

Empty Moon Sorel Cape - Harper Collins

The Brontes  Classic Short Stories - ABM Audio

The Girl From Poorhouse Lane  F. Lightfoot - Whitehouse

The Tenko Club   Elizabeth Noble - Whitehouse

Victoria  Evelyn Anthony - BBC Audio

Kings Bastion  Christine Herring - BBC Audio

The Horse Whisperer Russell Lyon (abridged) - Pearson

The Three Button Trick  Nicola Barker  - Spoken Ink

Life Begins  Amanda Brookfield - Clipper



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